About Pennyrile Gymnastics

Pennyrile Gymnastics opened in 1992 in Madisonville, KY.  Since then, we have grown not only in numbers, but our great reputation as well for being a family-oriented facility who truly cares about  what we teach-- and about every student that walks through our doors.  We think it really says a lot when you have many students grow up and move on, and then bring their own children in when they are old enough.  We believe that what we teach can have a huge impact on the lives of people, and that for many, they will remember these years for the rest of their lives.  Pennyrile provides a safe, clean, and positive environment for kids of all ages and skill level to participate in the sport of gymnastics.  We truly love the sport and what we do, and you can see for yourself that it makes the difference!


In May 2011 we opened our new location in Greenville, KY, and then in April 2015 moved that location to Central City.  We have had so much positive feedback so far, and look forward to it continuing to grow!  Thank you for all your support!